Can not detect input from [return][period][comma] keys on the keyboard

Hi. I am using Armory 0.6 for win.

I used the following nodes to detect keyboard input.


When I checked all keys except the [back] key, [return] [comma] [period] could not be detected.
I checked both the [On keyboard] node and the [Keyboard state] node, but they were the same.

Look in the
[] file and
[] file in the
[Armory/armsdk/blender/arm/logicnode] folder.

Extract only where it is necessary

(’.’, ‘.’, ‘.’),
(’,’, ‘,’, ‘,’),
(‘return’, ‘return’, ‘return’),

(’ *1 ‘,’ *2 ‘,’ *3 '),
*1 Variable name of [kha.input.KeyCord].
*2 Text of list in logic node.
*3 I do not know.

[Period] and [comma] can be detected correctly if the following change is made.

(‘period’, ‘.’, ‘.’),
(‘comma’, ‘,’, ‘,’),

If you match the form, you should do something like.

(‘period’, ‘period’, ‘period’),
(‘comma’, ‘comma’, ‘comma’),

This solves [period] and [comma] but not [return].
The variable name of [return] of [kha.input.KeyCode] is [Return].
It was useless to try as follows.

(‘Return’, ‘return’, ‘return’),

Can you detect [return]?Is there a way to respond?

Here you go -> for lubos to merge and than update)
you needed to change return to enter, see here



It was not [kha.input.KeyCord].
[period][comma] seems to have improved by accident.

[enter] can now also be detected.

It merge by lubos seems complete.I was surprised at the quick response.

I am sorry for this timing, but the [] file also has the same problem.

Is it possible for me to [Pull request] myself?

Thank you.

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Yes, you can send pull request yourself, in following steps:

  • Fork armory repo
  • then commit your change to this forked repo
  • then create pull request

[] was also able to [Pull request] similarly.

Thank you.

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