Cannot follow steps of building for windows

I’m trying to follow this tutorial from the manual.

I’m using endless runner example.

I have opened the example in Armory. I have gone to Armory Exporter.
I have set Target to windows.
I have hit Publish.
The folder build_endless was created.
Inside of it there is the windows build folder.
Inside of it there is the endless.sln solution file for visual studio.

I have downloaded Visual Studio 2017 commnunity version.
I have installed all the C++ stuff (I think, at least It let’s me create visual C++ projects.)

And now it comes the part of the manual in which says:
…‘Next, you can test, debug and profile your project in Visual Studio. When you are ready to export final binary, switch to Release mode and build the project’…With a picture of two parts of the user interface marked inside red boxes.

Well, when I open up the endless.sln solution file, the build option doesn’t even appear.
The solution explorer only says that the solution file contains 0 projects. And the parts on the user interface which were marked with red boxes in the picture, doesn’t allow me to swich to ‘release mode’ nor ‘local window debugger’. They show up empty.

It seems that when you open a solution file just as is, from the build folder, it doesn’t let you compile yet.
Do I have to do anything else? Have in mind I’m an artist, not a programmer. I haven’t used Visual Studio, and when I see tutorials on youtube on how to build projects, they tell you to create .cpp files. Is something about this needed?

In unreal engine if you want to create an .exe, you just press, build>for windows. And this is all.
Non programmers do not understand how to do these things.

Ok. It was all my fault. It seems that when I hit Publish button in Armory, I didn’t waited all the time needed, and I closed it too soon. Now in visual studio all is there. Sorry. Close this.

Ok! I was perfect! And tomorrow videotutorial on how to do this… (in spanish)