Can't bake! traceback error comes always

When i try to bake some thing after imort all object in armory i got traceback error. can some one help me?? i need help right now!!!

why do i got this?? why??

What version of Armory and Blender are you using?

Oh, I think I found the problem. I just had to fix a problem like this with nodes earlier. I might try to make a fix really quick, but don’t get your hopes up. :wink:

i use the latest version of armory with blender 2.8

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This PR should fix it:

You can use git to merge it into your version of the armory sdk:

# Inside of the armsdk/armory git repo
git remote add katharostech # Add my repo to your git remotes
git fetch katharostech # Download the new remote
git checkout -b extra-fixes # Create a new branch to merge the changes into
git merge katharostech bug_armory-bake # Merge in the PR

Once it gets merged into Armory, you can just do this to get back to the official versino of Armory:

git checkout master
git pull origin master
git branch -d extra-fixes # Optionally clean up the branch you created earlier

how do i do this on windows? or is it in blender i should put this code??

Do you use the Armory updater to get the latest Armory?

Edit: The easiest way to get the changes, actually, would be to just copy these files to the following locations:

  • C:\where_i_put_the\armsdk\armory\blender\arm\
  • C:\where_i_put_the\armsdk\armory\blender\arm\

If you use the armory updater, it might not work if these files are modified, so you should back up the old versions of the files, just in case.

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Thanks it worked <3 I got it to work

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