Cant get a ball to roll

I have done it before but now it seems it wont work. I have a plane with rigid body which is not dynamic and a sphere on top which is dynamic. When I press play the sphere falls onto the plane but then when I rotate the plane (using nodes) the sphere stays put and doesn’t role. This is so frustrating as I am sure I have done it before and it is also very simple.

Would appreciate any help

“Rotate object” does not work, you need to use the “Set Velocity” node and set “Angular”

I have changed it but now the plane doesn’t move?

Why should the plane move?

I might have explained it poorly, I was hoping to have the plane rotate forwards and backwards on the X and Y axis when I pressed the relative button such as w, s, a, or d. The ball would then roll down the side if it were sloped

I’ve found this: Maybe the person who has created this could assist you. :slight_smile:

You mean something like this?
tests.blend (610.0 KB)

That seems to be the same setup I had and the sphere stays put in the middle of the plane even though the plane is rotating. Does the sphere roll when you run it because for me it does not?

Maybe its something to do with a setting not turned on in my version of armory?

For meine the Sphere Rolls in the plane fine. Maybe a missing Update? Or wrong physics-settings?

Ok, I did a fresh download of armory last night to see if that would fix it but it didn’t so I will do a check when I get home of any driver updates etc. Thanks for the help

You know that armory has a built in updater to get the gitversion? I meant that one.

Did not know that, will use that tonight. I assume its under “File” or something?

Never mind, I found it in the manuel

I was having a look a at @Simonrazer blend and I can make the ball stop in between moves. A way to ‘fix’ it is to turn ‘Force Deactivation’ off in the Physics Armory Props.

Seems that once an object is deactivated, it does not reactivate?

Awesome, just tested that on the tests blend file and it worked a treat. Weird why it does that.


It makes sense in that you want the physics objects to sleep under certain circumstances but that does seem a little different to deactivation. I’d guess the Armory bullet physics is sleeping but I don’t know.