Can't use material nodes from regular blender

Hello everybody!! I have a team making a game for down syndrome kids and one of the members is making materials, but when I import the materials into armory, it doesn’t let me start the game, the error is saying that it can’t find the nodes… Are the nodes gone? If so, how do I use his materials? Please help…

Oh, and if anybody is good at making underwater scenes with a bunch of kelp as walls for a maze, I would be glad to have you on the team!

Hi, welcome to the Armory forums.

About the issue with the materials, can you describe the steps involved into importing them (from what software/exporter used/etc) and what did you try after that (the steps about how did you try to use them)? It would be useful to know the process to find where is the problem.

Hello sorry, was on vacation… I just drag and dropped it into it, and it said it couldn’t find the material nodes. I didn’t try anything, I don’t know what to try

You just drag and dropped what into what? (What type of file to what software)

Please be more descriptive so we can understand the problem better.

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Do you say that you drag and drop [.blend] files into [Armory(Blender)]?

Maybe the material producer has the material in a separate file and does it link?
If so, I think that if the material producer [append] instead of [link], the material will be usable.


I dragged and dropped the object with the material

If you do not understand the meaning of the question, please answer that I do not understand.
Please tell me which part you don’t know if possible.

Are you saying that you drag and drop the .blend file that you set the material to the object (not using the link function) to blender?

What is your version of blender?

What is the renderer used by the material producer? Renderers are [Cycles], [Eevee], etc. Please tell me what the material producer is using instead of what you are using.


Is there no material node at all by looking at [Shader Editer]?

Are you able to see the material of the material producer properly until now, can you not see it this time, or is it the first attempt?

Can I see material made by another person who is not the material producer?

Do you know what the material made by the material producer is, is it a simple material such as red or blue, or a complex combination of nodes?

I am using evee and I am using armory3d that has the 2.8 stuff in it. There are nodes when I drag and drop the object from the original file, but when it is dropped into the new file it has them but doesn’t work. The material is a diamond thing, I don’t understand how he made it though and I don’t understand what you mean in question 6…

Are you trying to do something like the following?

If so, can not apply the material by drag and drop to another file.

It is necessary to do [append] or [link] to import the material of another file to your own file.
If you get used to it, [link] is good, but I recommend you [append].

Can you find out for yourself the method of [append]?

He sent an object with a material and I dragged and dropped that object into the armory file and then it won’t run the game as long as the material is there

Can you explain in the image as I did?
I still can not understand what you drag and drop to what.

I am sorry for late response, but I cannot do that until either tomorrow or the next day… sorry for inconvenience…