Canvas UI Buttons - how do i detect current state in Logic Nodes: Start (got it) - Down (don't got it) - Released (don't got it)

Hello all!
Title says the problem mostly

I have a button in a Canvas UI that is sending events - I can detect single clicks using OnEvent , but cannot determine if the button is currently held down or when it’s released.

Attached is a sample of what is working in Nodes - the keyboard events work perfectly for what i need, i just want to be able to do the same for the events coming from the Canvas UI - apparently they do not send continuously when holding a button…

am sure there is a easy way to do this but I cannot grok it.

thanks for any insights

Button Status

did you see this node ? I sorry responding you in a speed way. If you need more, I will surely help you later.
image image image

Thanks Mokuano - Those objects I had found.

I found a better way to ask my question -

When I have a Canvas button (Picture 1 ) sending an Event to Nodes - and it is held down by the user - It only sends a single event signal, acting as a momentary button.

I’m looking for a workaround to detect current button status (Start / Down / Release) for a Canvas button using Logic Nodes (Picture 2)

Any thoughts?
thanks for any help.

Armory question

Button Status copy