Categories and general forums management feedback

Ok, so since there are a few people here already, let me ask, what categories/topics do you see?

I’ve created an “Armory General” category, for random discussion about Armory already, and it will stay that way for a while. I want to keep the categories to a very small amount to begin with (I don’t like doing things before they prove to be necessary), but suggestions and questions are fine.

You can also propose changes to the theme and such, but since there isn’t really a set of base templates to work from, anything too complicated will not be considered.

Programming, 2D, Support, Archive, Wanted developers (for developers to find other developers for development work), off-topic/random, News, and more.

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i notice that “Uncategorized” post risk to be hidden, at least in my experience.
Could be possible to avoid “Uncategorized” when someone create new topic?
Just my feedback.

Agreed and changed, thanks!


what about new categories for ArmorPaint, ArmorCoat and ArmorLogic?

ArmorCoat is already available for testing:

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Sounds good! Will do some more fixes & updates & tutorial and then go ahead on that. :slight_smile:

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