Cc0 Textures not working

So I recently found this website called cc0 textures. The textures seem really high quality and are even used on the armory main page. But for some reason whenever I connect any textures from that website to my matirial(it doesn’t matter where or which texture it is) my game wont compile (it looks good in the viewport through). I’ve already tried changing the format and resolution, it doesn’t help. All other textures work even my pc wallpaper and other random photos. If anyone knows how to get the game to compile using cc0 textures I would really appreciate it. Thanks

Hey @Potato_Poatoe! Could you show the console log so we can see the compile error?

Where is the console log. Ive been trying to find it

If you are on Windows, I think you can show the console from the “Window” menu at the top of Blender.

If you are on Linux you can run Blender from the commandline to see the console output.

Need be in JPG or PNG
and is good active this:

If you go make a build I recomend make a backup too.
I hope I helped you. Good Luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks, ill try it. Hopefully it works

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The texture it is working now?

I cant test it yet. I’ll try it soon

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