Change editor background color

I have white color, this is too bright.
Change theme does change it, how can i change it ?

If you are talking about VSCode or Kode Studio, you should be able to hit CTRL+Shift+P to open up some sort of small command prompt at the top. In there you can type ‘Theme’ and select ‘Preferences: Color Theme’.
You should also be able to use the shortcut ‘CTRL+K CTRL+T’ (do not release the Control key in between) to reach the same menu.
I hope this helps.

I mean the 3D editor , the color background can’t be changed.
That’s too bright.

That’s a theme setting. you can find all the settings for themes in the user preferences

The other thing it could be is the HDRI showing up in the viewport. you can turn off the rending in the viewport here.


Needed to change the Color settings in World settings.

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