Character Customization WIP

Hey everyone! I hope You doing good. Today I want to share a project that I made recently and I think it’s really cool. I created a custom character customization tool that lets you change the color of your character. For now You can only change colors, my future plan is to change also the mesh parts and so on. For small games I think this is very cool and useful to use. If you want, You can watch a little showcase video on my Youtube channel. I really hope You like it. (8)


Nice! I was thinking of ways to do this, so I’m glad I wasn’t alone. This looks like a really good start. How come the colors wait to apply changes, rather than dynamically?
For mesh deformations, I was thinking shape keys could be used, now that we have support for them. Would this be viable?

YouTube channel

It would be great if you edited your OP and included a link.

Here it is. Also, unrelated, if you’re interested in other Armory YouTube channels, feel free to check out the wiki section for community tutorial channels.


I already tried this out without applying the colors but it gets really weird with the armory canvas. The slider values always gets out of control but I will fix this in the upcoming time!

Don’t want to spam my channel in the forums :roll_eyes:

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As a moderator of the forum, I think I can say that’s it’s entirely and officially okay to edit any of your posts in any threads. I honestly am not sure why you would think it’s spam to include an extra legitimate link. But I appreciate that you’re trying to abide by forum rules. :slightly_smiling_face:


Huh. That is weird. When you get it fixed, please explain how and why so a tutorial could be made, maybe for the new Armory Community channel or your own.
This is pretty cool! Also, the shape key issue, does that seem viable? I haven’t been in a position to test it.