Cheap Flappy Bird fake for study

Hi! Here is a 3d Flappy Bird fake made with logic nodes for Armory beginners. It has a UI with a Score, a restart and Quit button, uses Rigidbodys, Volume Triggers, if’s, delete objects after a certain time with an array, and I gave my best to layout the nodes as readable as possible.

Have fun with it! You can ask stuff about it here too if you want.


Awesome! Are you able to put it in some GitHub repository? Would love to link to it from the manual.

Updated the original post, also forgot to include the Canvas… You can add it to armory_examples if you want! But beware, I was unable to rename the .blend to not “untitled”, the Player would crash immediately.

Getting this error. Really want to study this one.

Sorry I don’t think I have a solution for this. Maybe you downloaded it to a location where stuff can not be renamed?