Clickable Buttons

Anyone Knows how to Make Clickable Buttons(Virtual Buttons) ? If so please help
Thanks in advance

  1. set up the button asset in the UI editor
  2. give the button an event name in the UI editor
  3. call the event in nodes and have it do what you want.

ps check out the events example in the armory examples package.

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and if you don’t want to use UI,
make a plane and make it a child of the camera.
Then replace cube.005 with your plane.

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Thanks very much guys
Much Appericiated

If i understand correctly, you can also take a look (as Monte_Drebenstedt mentioned) in the canvas.blend or (armory_example package on github). There is a active button which is working fine =)

Good afternoon Monte Drebenstedt. I did what you said, but unfortunately don’t work. Do you know the reason of that?
ui_botao.blend (770.5 KB)

Hello @Parsa_Shahzeidi
I’m trying to control the Hat dude with keyboard, mouse and surface input.

With the keyboard all is fine and pressing “w” he moves backwards.
For the mouse and surface controls I made 4 planes that represent the hotshots which I would like to work as invisible buttons. Your description is exactly what I want because I would like to do everything with real objects and not Canvas stuff.

…The thing is that it doesn’t work for me! :neutral_face::expressionless:
When you have time can you please give the screens a look and see if you spot the problem?

Best regards

Hi @rogper,

There is a mistake in the logic node connections.

The output Object of Pick Object node should be must be connected to Value instead of Hit.

That is Pick Object(Object) >> (Value)Gate :white_check_mark:

instead of Pick Object(Hit) >> (Value)Gate :x:

Also, you need to enable RigidBody for the objects that you would like to pick. Such as planes.

Thanks to user @custm3rr on discord for providing the solution.


WOW! It completely fixed the issue! Problem solved, it works exactly as expected now!
:smiley: I also didn’t had the rigid body physics enabled.
Thank you very much for the help @QuantumCoderQC and @custm3rr!
Until next time!

Here is your solution working like a charm :smiley: