Collaboration Centeral

Hello, I haven’t seen many products of this engine meet the the outside world. No better way of getting efficiency and results than teamwork.
in this thread post your specialty and needs to be met,
aswell as your resource skills (in order from most valuable to least if you prefer)

So i come in as a 3D generalist looking for technical mappers and programmers.
-looking for someone to work with blender cycles convention to translate to armory, aswell as program game features.
-Aesthetic conceptualizing and refining, 3D modeling, texturing, animating.
looking for a small team maybe if not one other person to work with

also providing work if prompted

Hi @masterm, do you have any portfolio online?

@guzzard yeah, its right here

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also i have a game model written up with a handful of assets made for a developer to put together mechanics.