Color of debug drawing not working

I’m trying to set the color of the debug lines, but this does not lead to anything, the color of the debug lines does not change.

my code:

#if arm_debug
DebugDraw.notifyOnRender(function(draw:DebugDraw) {
	var v1 ="player");
	var v2 ="ai");
	draw.color = 0x2ed924;

Could you try constant values if there is any defined ?

static var col:Color = 0x22ff00; // this not affect…

// set color

You can create an issue on Armory Github, perhaps color will work for 0.6 release.

is there an extra paren at the end ? Or is that how this language is written?

The paren at the end is the one that matches with the notifyOnRender function, so that is right.

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Created :slight_smile:

I looked at the code DebugDraw class, the color is not used in it:


Hehe nice catch, will fix that. :yum: