Combining IK with Armature Animation


I’m working on an workflow for an animated realtime cartoon in Armory. One feature that I’d like to implement is the mixing of IK and an armature animation. For example, say I had a character walking using a walk cycle, he could reach for and pick up an object (the IK target) as he walks past.

  1. I have tried a test (pictured), but I can only get it to do one or the other. Can these be blended together?

  2. The bones will immediately snap to the IK target. Is it possible to make this happen over a few seconds instead?


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I figured out that you can in fact have bone animations and realtime IK playing at the same time. See sample gif below:
IK and Animation Sample
You’ll notice that the arm interpolates toward the cube instead of snapping, and that the bone animation continues while the IK is in action. I think that’s pretty neat and opens up the possibility of hybrid hand animation and procedural animation.

The trick is just to have the Bone IK node update per frame.

The drawback as you might notice is the arm snaps back each time the animation resets - hopefully this is easy to fix?

Let me know what you think.