Community game jam request

I have been thinking of ways to help armory 3d get more users and I think the main reason is that it seems inactive or no longer under development due to the lack of activitie.

So I want to ask if anyone is willing to organize a armory 3d game jam. Maybe a week long jam every month on a given theme.

It can be very interesting to enourage users and let them have more to do with the community other than just there personal projects.

And also find bugs


Good idea, I would try to participate if someone organize it.


Yeah I would love for someone to organize it because I would love to make one but am very busy (with studies) so I want to know how many people are interested and if anyone can organize it, it doesn’t need to be complicated… I’m ganna ask on discord and see if anyone is interested, and if no one wants to organize it, I will do it myself.


I did organize such thing last year ([Reminder] Armory Community Game Competition - General - Armory 3D and [Armory Community Gaming Competition] Winner - General - Armory 3D) and had planned on hosting another one again at some point in the future, although originally the issue was the issue of voting as well as not having enough participants - Initially I had hoped for a few entries, but turns out there was only one not to mention at that point new users couldn’t register for these forums - I don’t know if the forum registration issue has been solved?


No, the issue with registration was not solved. Only login trough Google account is working. Maybe if there is at least 5 people in the jam, the organizer would upload a video on Youtube trying the five (or more) games made in a top five form or review form. I guess Youtube is the best place to share Armory stuff, so people looking for a game jam would wait until the next “Armory jam” to participate… I guess a jam is a good way to tell people that Armory is active :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I saw your post… It’s what gave me this idea but I want to make a regular game jam not just a one of… I have been asking around and the are a bunch of people interested. So I hope it will grow the community and encourage more users to join.

I’m ganna make an game jam page for submissions.


Well, if enough people are in and someone else want to organize it, then I wouldn’t mind joining too.


Ok, well I’m making game jam page that will start in a week and a half so it gives more people to get the word around. Then after that time then people will have 2 weeks to submit game. Still working on details but I have most of it planned out.