Confusion with logic nodes term "Location"


I was reviewing what can be done with the last logic nodes additions and I think that some terms can cause confusion. Of course, this could be my perception and everything should be fine like it is now.

My main concern is with the “Location” term. The term is mixed with the current location of an object and the navigation location of an object.

In the screenshot I’m trying to apply a rotation to an object, like in the manual example, but keeping the current location of the object on the scene. I though that this could be accomplished using the “Set Transform” and assign the same location that the object has. But it seems that “Get Location” is not returning a location vector that can be connected to the “Location” input of the “Transform” node. I guess that this location can only be used with “Pick Location”, “Navigation Location” and “Go To” nodes.

Just pointing this issue, maybe logic nodes are going to be changed completely and this is not a problem to bother. At the same time, I know that there is another thread discussing the development of the logic node system but I don’t think I have the vision to help finding the best logic node system for armory :-(. At least, I hope I can test all the nodes that continue appearing.

Keep up the good work!

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I know this was a while ago but seems to be working for me now