Continuous Collision Detection

How do i use ccd. I know there is option in rigid bodies but could not work. Player keep phasing through wall. Is there more to it then just enabeling ccd in rigidbodies tab?

First thing I have found is add thickness to the walls.

Not available in 0.5

It’s in-dev for 0.6, you can use armory updater to get it.

(The link to continuous collision detection ticket is


I’ll make some tests about physics CDD.

Using the Armory updater is there something to compile ?

No, the linked manual page mentions everything necessary.

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I used CCD but doesn’t seem to work goodly. It still keeps phasing through. it works better with CCD, terrain, etc disabled except force deactivation and setting collision margin to 2mm work better. Doing this way doesnt solved it but at least prevent player at 3 unit speed from phasing.
But using work around, @Simonrazer found a way to prevent player from phasing completely-> (I can’t find ccd, in file. forgive me if it is just there and i am not able to see).

It looks like Torque 3D also free open source 3D engine is using Nvidia Physix.
Why not Armory 3D ?

Continuous collision detection is lot better? fast moving projectiles don’t pass through geometry.

However other physic issues remain.

Gravity issue

Player with continuous collision detection strange physics

You are assuming that switching to physx would magically solve all the issues. That is almost never the case. The bullet implementation needs work like already mentioned. The bullet engine itself is not the limitation.

Nonetheless, you could use the existing haxebullet sources as a reference to add support for physx if needed:


What is the issue, Bullet usage or Bullet itself not working as expected and needing complex tweaking ?
Because i never seen such issue on other 3D engine like Urho 3D, or smaller ones.

Perhaps Nvidia would be lot more simple to use and to get physics working as expected ?
(advanced physics like cloth and soft body in Armory never worked outside of Armory small demo when we try to use them)

Graphics demos are cool, but the simplest physics games like bowling, monkey ball , object moving on a level correctly would not work.

Continuous Collision Detection as suggested , have been implemented , it’s a good step forward.
Well … we can only hope Bullet won’t be something that will be blocking instead of empowering Armory.

Perhaps physics will be better in 0.8 ,1.0 or 2.0 why not (it’s free open source, it can take as much time as needed, there is really no hurry, just stating simple physics are not good)

I am discussing this each other day with you. Sorry but I am not sure what else there is to say, the software is not production ready. It’s being improved each and every day but it takes a lot of time and resources. Everyone is welcome to explore the engine and help shape it. That is why I love working on this project. It’s up to you whether you like what’s already in or not.

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By add thickness do you mean alter the mesh or alter the collision margin?