Creating a 3D Viewer

I just found out about Armory, and it sound and looks awesome!

Would it be possible to create a 3D Viewer with Armory, where I can load in 3d Models from different sources?

I come from The industrial Design field, and I build my Design Models with Rhino and Blender.
I would Like to be able to Check them in an Viewer/simple configurator.

I also have access to an HTC Vive- Could i use it with Armory?


Yes you would be able to create a arch viz application. You will run into the same issues that any other game engines. You can create a app that can work on a android platform but you would not be able to author one. Armory is like any other game engine in most respects it just uses blender as it’s editor.

Hi and thanks for the answer-

Is it possible to Load a File into an compiled Armory executable? Or would you have to recompile for each 3D Model you want to View?

Also how can i integrate an HTC vive to Have an aditional VR view on the Model? (Like Archviz)

Is there a Tutorial for armory basics-

  • maybe some more advanced Tutorials that fit my Viewer/VRviewer idea?

I don’t think that Armory is built to do what you are looking to do. Armory is a game engine like Unreal or Unity. I suppose you could write code to do what you are asking but you would have to build the entire app for that. Meaning you would have to use Armory to build the application to show off models and create the method within the app to load new models. As far as I am aware no game engine can do what you are talking about out of the box and just work. You can load models into a game engine and create an app or program to show them but they don’t work the way I am understanding your questions.

I have an entire set of videos over on youtube (armoryblendergame) and others have some also (just search Armory game engine) and I believe that you could bring VR into the mix with programing.

I hope that helps.