Creating Invisible Colliding Area

Hi guys!
I’m creating a side scrolling platform and now I’m planning on how to do the AI.

I want the enemies to walk back and forth, and in order to tell them when to turn around (to prevent falling off the platforms or colliding with walls) I was thinking on adding some sort of invisible area/volume which can be walked through (so that the player character can go through it) but upon colliding with the enemies will trigger the function that makes them turn around.

How can I accomplish this? How can I make a cube invisible on Armory? And how can I make it so that it triggers collisions yet still allows stuff to move through it as if it didn’t exist?

Make it simple, use raycast on floor and another in the direction the enemy is moving forward.

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Another option would be a trigger volume. Being that I am a nodes guy I would then use a gate to determine if a enemy enters it and change their direction.


Thank you guys! Volume trigger sounds good, I’ll look into it! I’m coding using Haxe, which class controls Volume Trigger? I tried looking for it in the API website but I couldn’t find it.
By the way, how can I make the object invisible? It’s probably something very simple but it’s escaping me…

I don’t think there’s a specific class tied to the Volume trigger, but try looking at the node source code:

As for making the object invisible, I suppose you can either just set your material to Glass BSDF depending your renderpath settings - Alternatively, use the blending options (in Renderpath settings), and toggle it for your material, set the first source to “Zero”. If that doesn’t work still, try playing with the discard option for the material.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


With nodes - all you have to do is set the visibility to false. Looking into the code for that node should give you what you need to do it in code.


You don’t need code.

In Blender view hierarchy, each object has two icons on the right to change visibility :

  • object visible in the editor
  • object visible in game

When you uncheck the small camera icon , the object is visible in the editor, but it will not be rendered in game.

I hope it helps :sweat_smile: