Crossplatform blender files

Blend-files are crossplatform. So when I develop the model in MS Windows based Blender3D I can open and render it in Linux based same version Blender3D.

It seems that this crossplatform principle is broken with Armory3D plugins installed. I developed blend-file with the MacOS based Armory3D (Blender3D + Armory3D plugin). This file contains nodes with material definitions, couple meshes, world and scene definitions and simple nodes with scene navigation logic. When I opened this blend-file in MS Windows based Armory3D it refused to run the game because of broken material definitions.

Is this behavior normal? I used Armory_05_mac_b28 and Armory_06alpha0_win64.

Armory Blends are cross-platform. You are probably just having trouble because the Blender 2.8 and Armory 0.6 versions’ graphics are kind of being refactored and updated right now. There’s broken stuff kind of scattered throughout the renderer at the moment so it should be fixed by the time 0.6 is released.

Don’t worry, that behavior is not normal; Armory blends will be able to run on all platforms. :wink:

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