Curvature makes weird triangulation

Hello, I found Armor paint, incredibly useful! Thank you for creating such amazing tool!
I got 3 quick questions:

  1. I am using a color Ramp but the interpolation is set to Constant, even though I have it selected as Linear (there is no fading between colors)
  2. How do you hide objects in the viewport? At the moment I’ve found out that you can select a layer, change the name to the object you want to hide, and switch the eye icon off. Is this how it is supposed to work? I tried to find a “visible” parameter in Meshes to do that, but there isn’t anything.
  3. When I bake my curvature map, even though I use smooth to 5 I get a weird triangulation bake in the helmet (see yellow area) - How could I get really soft curvatures? This model had a lot of subdivision.

I compiled ArmorPaint to Direct X11 for windows 10 x64. I own a TitanX 1080 Nvidia card.
Please help me with these question.


For everyone else who likes to know Answer #2: