Custom package prefix for mobile

Hello @lubos,

I understand that the focus of Armory is to be a generic platform plus thinking about some specific situations for mobile development seems to me important to have the option to change the application identifier in the export for Android (package) or IOS (bundle).

I noticed that this would be simple in the code, creating an option, perhaps arm_project_prefix, where default would be org.armory3d could solve this without interfering with the other uses that already exist for the arm_project_package.

I made a change to my use by changing the files and and worked correctly.

I understand that in both Android and IOS this could be changed inside its respective IDE after export, but being inside the blend project itself can avoid name conflict in Google Play and the App Store because it is prefixed with the domain of the armory3d project.

I believe that at the time of the project this is not a priority and even if you have already thought of some future solution to this. Anyway, I think it’s important to mention this.

Thank you.