Day and Night Cycle

Hello Everyone! Today I want to share with You a little project that I made a while ago. I posted it also on my Youtube channel if You want to watch it. I created a very simple Day and Night Cycle in Armory3d with some help of the Armory3d examples. In this Project You can set the time of the day and have control over it. You can also get the day or night time that is being calculated by the rotation of the cycle. You can also set the duration of the cycle in minutes, for example 5min, 8min or 10min! There are still some issues like the sky in the night and the lighting but I think for small games this is ok. You can download it and freely use it for games and anything else in Armory3d. Thank You for your time! :wink: (7)


Hello, I would like to ask a question. Is there a node to get the day and night cycle?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. As ArmoryBlender stated, you can get the cycle time this way: