Deferred mesh decals

Hi @lubos,

Any chance to get mesh decals and especially deferred mesh decals to work with decal machine ???

I 've ask Machin3 and i get his answer :" If you can’t do deferred mesh decals in Armory yet, I’d suggest you campaign for it in the Armory forums.

I’m certainly happy to do my part in streamlining or preparing the export process.

Note, I’m not an Armory user yet, but will likely look into it this year. I’m super busy right now with releasing DECALmachine and MESHmachine.

He seems to be ready to work on decalmahcine to get it work in armory 3d … it would be great to get this work !!!

I guess it certainly needs a parallax implementation first into armory.

Maybe i have to open an request on git :slight_smile:


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@mistajuliax sounds cool, thanks for getting info on this! Posting this on git so it sticks around is very welcome. :slight_smile:

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