Deformed mesh when playing

I have made a character in blender which I have rigged etc. I have also made some actions such as an idle and action which are triggered in the game when I press the LMB. The actions run fine but the characters mesh becomes completely deformed when I play the game. The mesh is fine in the editor but when I press play it deforms.

Does anyone know why this might be and what can be done to fix this and i need the character to animate properly for my project and so am relying on this. Thanks for any help.

Hello @Ejnallid ,

This sounds like a bug in Armory - are you able to share some test files so I can reproduce an issue? Would love to get these fixed.

Possible problems - more than 4 bones affecting single vertex, some complex hierarchy or material setup which Armory has trouble with…

Hi @lubos, I managed to fix the issue. Firstly only part of the mesh which they armature had moved had been deformed but then the entire mesh became deformed. I managed to fix the issue by copying the character and armature to a new armory file and setting the location, scale and rotation of both the mesh and the armature. When I ran the game the mesh was no longer deformed. I still have the file with the deformed mesh and so will attach a Dropbox link as it is to big to drag in. File

have you looked at whether this can come from Parent or Group usage ?

did you tried too to open your file with a Blender 2.79 version without Armory, save it and reopen in your Blender with Armory ?

hello, could you create a tutorial for this please:

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Check :
Did you apply rotation and scale to model before rigging ?
Do you use some plugin like Rigiffy ?
Do you have some modifiers not applied ?
Is there bones not connected to other bones ?
Is there some model part that does not have bone weight ?