Delighting and PBR textures

Hello i try to find the best solution for delighting diffuse textures and create albedo textures.
Would be interesting a solution with ArmorPaint.

Here a project with MIT license:

Beside that what do you use to create PBR textures ?
I’m searching a free and open source solution and AwsomeBump is interesting but no more developed:

I know there is also Insane Bump for GIMP.

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Normalizator from steam

Wow. another CrazyBump clone.

This one is far better and cheap.

I used to use awesome bump, but recently, I tried the free software “Materialize”, and found it gave better results much more easily.

I have to use wine to use it on linux though.

@Sojan_Janso There is actually somebody with a Materialize port for Linux. It worked great for me.

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@zicklag Thanks, I wasn’t aware. I gave it a try, but it does not work. The window for the 3d view is just white.