Designing an Armory Community Survey - Now Live!

@zicklag - Might I suggest just posting what you’ve already got in all it’s unfinished, imperfect glory, and then we can always improve the next iteration?.. Release early, release often etc. etc. :wink:

I mean, it’s been 2 months now, so if the survey was being done quarterly (not saying it has to be, but for arguments sake), then we’d already be 2/3rds of the way towards the second iteration… No need to beat yourself up for not working on it more, when what we have already looks pretty darn fine in my opinion!

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Right now it’s not setup so that we can collect the survey results so releasing it now wouldn’t be very useful. Don’t worry, I’ll get it released eventually. There isn’t any urgent reason to release it.

Hey everybody I finally finished getting the survey up. It took longer than I thought to get time for it, but it is finally finished. Here’s the link!

Armory Community Survey


Here are the results for the survey so far:

If anybody wants me to upload the latest survey results later, just ask.