Did your Patreon account get shutdown after Armory's?

I had an account at Patreon which was only ever used to contribute to Armory. I never used it to set up any campaign myself. When Patreon shutdown Armory’s page, like many others, I got a refund. Shortly afterwards though, my account also got shutdown, supposedly also because “fraud”.

What kind of fraud? Against whom? Patreon won’t tell me any details, other than demanding copies of government issued identity if I want my account reopened.


How my account could have been committing fraud though, when all it was ever used for was to give money from my own bank account though, I don’t know.

Did this happen to anyone else here?

My understanding that Patreon and several other such crowd-funding sites are being investigated by Federal officials who suspect that they may be being used by money-laundering operations. (Note: not that "they are" such operations!)

The sites themselves are determined to remain on the correct side of the law and are working fully with the investigators. So if you’re getting demands for things like “a government-issued ID,” I would simply “be understanding, and provide it to them.” This is money we’re talking about, and they have to keep their noses spotless.