Discord Server

Armory Discord Server invite:

I have also added links to Discord at armory3d.org/community and github.

The reason for a new server is that apparently the owner of the original one vanished. Administration of the new server is shared among several people, so things should be safe from now on. :slight_smile:

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Personally as free and open source software supporter i prefer Discourse because it’s FOSS.
Could you open new Discourse with ownership maybe, or other FOSS solution ?

What about Matrix for example ( it’s IRC compatible )?


and Riot, a Matrix client?



I am fine with the new discord server. Recently all “my homies” moved to discord. I don´t need different chat server clients. The more are available, the less i come to actually work on something xD I personally think, to have a all in one solution is just what makes me happy and easier to work with. : D

Yeah, I really don’t get the need to use some proprietary, corporate silo like Discord when Matrix provides such a similar experience, plus the ability to use IRC apps. Matrix seems much more in alignment with a FOSS project and it’s users.

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Yeah, same, but does it have ability to have different channel in a single server?

Here I have started a group for armory3d discussion on telegram.
This group can be joined from

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