Display debug Collision volumes

I’m just trying to tune the collisions and see what is going on with Bullet to make physics work as they should. Is there a way to toggle on like a wireframe view for the collisions on objects?

Oh and see/set an origin for center of mass

Collision shapes display is already available in the editor.
For example on Twin Stick template you can see a wireframe box collision for the cylinder shapes.

Did you mean in game ?

Either would work. I see that it’s set to cube for the cylinder, but I can’t see any box. I’m on version 0.5 b2.8 and I don’t see these boxes. I don’t think I changed any settings…

On the first person example, cylinders have cylinder shape collision and they are displayed in the editor view.

Can you check it ?

(links to /debug_draw) I believe this had something on collision volumes in game, in case it’s any use.

I only saw a bounding box for Suzanne in that example. Looks like there wasn’t any nodes attached to it. It’s physics was convex hole, so the box is not it’s physics…

You must have some option turned off or some plugin overriding it perhaps.

This is how it looks.