Dissolve effect

Ok, i have to learn this. Thanks for replying. i will update my own shader and share when it is ready :slight_smile:


Very elegant solution. Looks great <3

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I’d like to order seconds please. Great Work!

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Very cool @ArmoryBlender, great work. :+1: Do you think you could create a Git repo with the Suzanne demo or something so that people could download it without having to rebuild it from the screenshot?

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I wanted to make a tutorial…


Hi i tested mine and it works without changing. Issues are fixed slowly but ir’s working now ! I maybe have to check all my old scenes to see changes :slight_smile:

So here is my Dissolve shader convert to yours to drive dissolve effect by rgb node. But it can’t achieve the same effect as i was looking for.Because everything emit light.

In mine Dissove is drived by a value node, it can be drive by colorramp or rgb or whatever you want, so many way to achieve the same effect ! On the other hand, my shader can handle a texture, or another shader without casting light from emission. To be clear, in mine emission from dissolve effect is on top and is separated from the rest of the shader and don’t cast light.

Here is my shader.Dissolve_test.blend (4.0 MB)

Voilà, cheers.