Dissolve effect

Hello everyone!
Yesterday I tried something in the shader editor out and at the end it really worked as I excepted. I wanted a dissolving effect in armory3d. I took me very long to achieve this effect but it looks very cool for me. I don’t know but this looks like the unreal engine :joy: !
Here is a video showcase from my YouTube channel. I hope you like it!!!

Btw I really don’t want to spam my YouTube channel here in the forum :pensive:



Amazing! So by shader editor you mean Blenders Material nodes? Or some fancy custom written shaders, like the grass in the cellshade example?

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Hey @Simonrazer. No custom shaders or something like that. Its very simple. I use a few math nodes with a noise texture. The black parts of the texture will be invisible. The maths nodes are calculating those parts. For the animation I used the Parameter value node.


Then the invisible parts are done simply by a transparent shader? That never worked for me, the shadow would have still been on the ground. Well nice work!

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Ahhh! So you mean that the shadow of the object is still there after it is invisible?

The “dissolved” parts of the object were still visible in the shadow for me, yes. All shadow of transparency was broken for me with procedural textures, have to try again sometime.

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That’s really cool!, didn’t know we could do that in armory lol

This looks vaguely familiar… :wink:

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hahahha no I really made this from scratch.

Steal? Nah. I didn’t think that (although anyone is welcome to anything I post here). Just amused that we came up with the same thing independently. Your looks better btw!

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Hi could you share your node, mine is here https://github.com/armory3d/armory/issues/687, and it is relative to this issue https://github.com/armory3d/armory/issues/624 that is not currentlty marked as solved … i gueess i have to retry my own shader. May be you have one simplier.

Thank you!! :grin: omg for a second I was so afraid….

Hi, yours is animated in material editor or using logic node ? I don’t succeed to animate material with logic node, maybe a tutorial would be great ! :wink:

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For me it also not worked to animate materials like in BGE. I used a very stupid way to animate the material. I used the node Parameter…

this is for the material

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I’m updating armory to check my own shader but it seems that math node work is your shader is working so mine sould be working …

Ok, mine still not work, your seems more simple. I have to try another way maybe simplier. Do you use last git version or v.06 from itchio ?

hey @mistajuliax. Yes I use the last version but it should also work for older version…maybe

Ok it’s working but not animated … i key frame a value node to animate my effect. Did you use logic to animate ? i’m still not familiar with logic node …

Yes I am using logic nodes. I use the value paramter node and every milliseconds its updating the value of dessolving. Thats the way I use and it works well so far.