Done - The Alien Invasion (wip-dev02)


My friend and I are creating a run-and-shoot game. For now it is only in the mechanics stage.
Assets will be created soon.

Tell us what you think :slight_smile:

Ver.: Dev. 01 - 20190929

Ver.: Dev. 02 - 20191006

GIFs with the changes
  • From wall-run > wall-jump

  • Dual gun in “Spin of Death”

  • Simple item

  • Changing guns

  • Spin of Death 2

  • dual gun system
  • changing gun system
  • a special atack - ‘Spin of Death’
  • wall jump
  • updated to Armory3D-201910


Nice! My thoughts:

  1. The muzzle/shooting effects are dope. So is the UI.
  2. I am afraid that only being able to shoot at 45° increments might be frustrating since sometimes it will be impossible to hit an enemy in a certain position.
  3. Being able to run walls straight up seems like an overpowered move for the Player. With this ability it might be hard for you to come up with challenging level design. And it looks quite hilarious.

Keep it up, your project looks very promising!


Wow, looks nice.
I really like the transition effect, from the menu to the game scene.
What triggers me a little bit is the fact, that you can only shoot in 45 degree steps.
But keep on doing, would love to see more stuff like this.


Small updates…

  • With this new attack implemented, does it still bother you the 45° increments?

  • Agree, now it’s jump-wall

Your post links too the same video as the last one, I think you didn’t intend that.

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Instead I created a gif section with the changes, I’ll make it more visible

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ohhh I thought that arrow was just a marker or something, sorry. Also you should keep in mind that if the post gets too old you can no longer edit it.
For the changes

  • the Player can still go up walls infinetly I guess? Maybe add a stamina thing so he can’t do that. I mean right now if the Player would want to get out of a situation he just needs to walk/jump left until he reached the end of the level, so you will never be able to trap him in pits (I think).
  • the special attack looks nice, but imo it would still be limiting the Player. This isn’t the 90s anymore, and I highly assume the game will be played on PC where a mouse is very nearby, so let the Player use it.

keep in mind I am just some random guy talking, if this is not what you want the game to be don’t let it distract you.

Thanks, I still want to create a website to keep the game evolution organized and possibly share the custom nodes.

I understood your point. The wall jump and the spinning attack were already in the plans and probably the game will not have mouse support, it’s not all set yet.

Any comments are welcome.

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