Dropper and Level Editor code

So, I found this stuff and wanted to link it for anyone that wants it:

I moved to Offtopic category, but Level Buddy is interesting.
Dropper seems useful too but like all Blender scripts it should be released with GPL license.

Fair enough. Got an error when I tried to put it in the right category and I was too lazy at the time to fix it. Thanks for catching that for me.

Hi I wrote the dropper script, and I was just wondering what you meant by this. Is it a requirement that external scripts are GPL, or do you simply mean that it’d be preferable to keep derivatives open-source? I’m pretty new to Blender scripting.

Considering Blender’s license, I don’t think he meant that you are obligated to change the license. I think he was making the suggestion. However, there always exists the possibility that I am misremembering the Blender license (though I doubt it in this case). Regardless, GPL licenses should help the code get adopted into projects like Armory. Without that license or a VERY similar one, I don’t think Armory will be integrated with it. Again though, it’s up to the individual people who add code to the main build and the forks of those builds and at this point it’s just @lubos on that one.

yes, Blender Python scripts should be with GPL license.

“If you share or publish Python scripts – if they use the Blender API calls – have to be made available compliant to the GNU GPL as well.”

Anyway thank you for developing and share Dropper to Blender community :slight_smile:

Ah, My apologize. I got the fact wrong. I’ll do better to get that right in the future.

@Sirgeorge: If you want your library to be linked / integrated in other projects, then MIT(chosen by @jhocking) is much friendlier choice to comply with than GPL. :slight_smile: For Blender GPL works well though.

ah interesting. yeah I’m used to MIT when I write JavaScript libraries and such; I guess I’ll just switch this Blender script to GPL.