DUNGEONCHEST made with armory3d and blender3d lts ; playable online

now the game is playable online with the mouse on catchmagic3d.com or directly on dungeonchests


Hey, cool demo! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a few suggestions if you are willing to continue developing this project:

  1. The mouse controls do not work too well. So controlling the character is quite difficult. One solution could be to use the physics ray cast on to the ground and check which direction the character should actually move.

  2. The lighting is quite dim and can barely see the player character. You could maybe increase the environmental lighting using a sun lamp or just increasing the background strength in the world shader. You could also parent a light to the player so the player is also well lit.

  3. There is no hint where the enemies are attacking from, so maybe add some hints on the screen to show where the next enemy is about to come from.

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thank you for your suggestions I will try to make another version by modifying these 3 aspects of the game.