Dynamic Collisions not working?


I created a mesh, parented it to an armature and animated the armature. I set the rigid body settings to passive, animated and the collisions to mesh, Source: Deform, deforming (as new user I can only add one image, sorry, would have used a screenshot otherwise).

I do have two issues:

  • the animation does not play properly. In blender itself it plays correctly, in Krom, the shape will be “broken”.
  • Collision does not work, either.

Are these bugs to be reported or am I doing something wrong.
As new user I cannot attach the .blend file, so you can find it here: http://pasteall.org/blend/index.php?id=51128

Any hints are appreciated.

Best regards


It looks like there are a couple of bugs with parenting objects to bones. Specifically:

I wonder if one of these might have something to do with your issue?

It is a somewhat common issue getting animations especially with bones to work. I’ve had times with Armory 0.5 that I just had to start from scratch and re-create everything before I found out what was wrong with it, but sometimes that is just the nature of working in 3D. Things can be hard to figure out what is going on. I don’t have time to test out your specific example, but it is definitely possible that it isn’t user error.

Working with deformed meshes from armatures with physics sounds like a recipe for finding a bug or un-implemented element in Armory. A possible workaround if you don’t need the collision mesh to deform would be to parent un-deforming physics objects to the bones in the armature.

I have that on one of my tests, but unfortunately it still runs into issues, I think because of that second bug I listed above (#1062). In Armory Player, it acts like the bone is at a wildly different angle than in Blender. Still trying to figure out how I can give more useful info to help with resolving this bug.