Dynamic paint?

Does Armory support dynamic paint? I want to use dynamic paint to fake some effects with my character going in water, but i need to know about the dynamic paint first.

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Is it that you are looking for ?

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hmm, i’m more looking to see if dynamic paint in general is supported as it is used in cycles. i hate using these nodes as workarounds.

I don’t see how to do otherwise than to find a way using nodes/script, as actually if you try for example to dynamically draw something on a plane, with an object that you move with the mouse (using nodes :slight_smile: ) over this plane … nothing happens in Armory.

For example, you set little tiles that you paint as you fly over them … and something like a character going in water maybe could be simulated.

Hm, we could also use the tech from armorpaint to enable this. Want to expose all the painting capabilities straight into Armory, so it’s possible to apply a layer of paint on top of the existing material by using scripts, logic or modifiers.


Cool. Does it means that looking into the code of Armopaint, we already find all that is necessary to create nodes/script to do it ?

I certainly hope so. I LOVE dynamic paint in cycles, it is very useful.