Emission Shader not shadeless


Armory v2019.10 ($Id: 23569febd4ea47500278608b0b3428a4d2162bcc $)

I have a cube set the Material to be ‘Emission’, save an run the game. The object will have the color I chose but has shades. In previous version of armory the cube was (as expected) plain flat.

Do I have to use a different shader now?

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It is not clear to me what is happening. Can you show some shader node configuration images what u did and the cube rendered in Armory 3d?

Here’s a screenshot and the attache .blend file.

Emission.blend (586.2 KB)

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I believe that in the preview is not considering the lamp in the model with emission.
Another thing that the emission in the blender is “stronger” than in Armory, to get similar values ​​you need to put larger numbers in the emission. For emission to appear is good to put a value above 10, I get a similar value between 50 to 100, with sun style light in the value 1, these settings in the cube was similar to me.



Modified file:
Emission.blend (613.4 KB)

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Thanks for your answer. However the behavior you describe is excatly what I do NOT expect to happen. A lamp should have no influence on an emitting object (if the emission above 1). And as mentioned in my first post, in version armory v2019.6 ($Id: a1f62c5c53fd416d5483932a490fe041c6af29f3 $) the blend file works as expected. Here’s a comparison:

Emission1.blend (648.2 KB)

Btw: cranking up the emission doesn’t do any good. If I do this on the image in the attached blend file, the colors will be screwed up completely…

I guess it’s a bug.

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It is written that it is necessary to set voxel GI to use the emission shader.(https://github.com/armory3d/armory/wiki/supported_nodes)

But Voxel GI seems to be abolished. A feature request was made to modify the wiki page.(https://github.com/armory3d/armory/issues/1465)

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