Endless runner with nodes?

Hey guys, I’m trying to make an endless runner game but the only thing i can find is the example file and it is coded in haxe. I want more control over it so want to recreate the haxe script with nodes… But not sure how, any help would be great.

Hi, I could try to help. What kind of endless runner do you want to create?


well I was only trying to get the endless runner example file to work with nodes, so I need the different a selection of 4-5 different platforms to randomly appear in front of the player. Just like in the endless runner example but with nodes. Any ideas for randomly appearing platforms?
This is the example;https://github.com/armory3d/armory_examples/tree/master/game_endlessrun

You could create an array of all platforms and then choose one with the Random Choice node. If you don’t like the work of manually setting up this array, you could do it like the SceneBuilder.hx script in the example game and give the platform objects numbered names with which you can access them programmatically.


Ok, I thanks will try that👍


Please check out a simple endless platformer template with blend file here:

The game can be played here on the browser:

PS: Please excuse my horrible modelling and texturing skills!


This is perfect, thanks a million

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