Error creating and editing Haxe script on windows 10

If I add a new armory trait with a script and try to edit it, the following error is thrown:

 Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "P:/tools/Armory/armsdk//armory/blender\arm\", line 265, in execute
  File "P:/tools/Armory/armsdk//armory/blender\arm\", line 571, in kode_studio
  File "P:/tools/Armory/armsdk//armory/blender\arm\", line 532, in kode_studio_mklink_win
subprocess.check_call('mklink /J "%s" "%s"' % (source, target), shell=True)
  File "P:\tools\Armory\2.80\python\lib\", line 328, in check_call
raise CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd)
subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command 'mklink /J "P:/tools/Armory/armsdk//win32/resources/app/kodeExtensions/kha/Kha" "P:/tools/Armory/armsdk//Kha"' returned non-zero exit status 1.

location: <unknown location>:-1

Does anybody know what that means?

Try this command manually in PowerShell

mklink /J “P:/tools/Armory/armsdk//win32/resources/app/kodeExtensions/kha/Kha” “P:/tools/Armory/armsdk//Kha”

What it outputs?

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I have the same problem in the Armory on the blender 2.8

The command try to create the symbolic link, and here apparently the file//folder is not available … do you have something like that in your explorer ?

I figured it out.

Symbolic links don’t work on FAT volumes. Solution : Move the Armory dir onto a non FAT location.

Question is: Why does Armory use links? They are neither portable nor reliable. As we can see…

@mpue do you know if we get the message error “device does not handle symbolic links” in this case ?

… and, for whatever it’s worth, I would strongly recommend not using FAT anywhere, anytime, anymore.

Windows-10 has very solid implementations of file systems that are much more robust and secure.

Why? There are still reasons to use FAT. Not every platform supports NTFS or journaling file systems. My digital mixer, several samplers and most of embedded platforms have no clue about NTFS, especially when it comes to changeable flash memory .

However I’m with you on PC platforms like Windows or Mac.

I had the same issue. Running the armory blender.exe as admin worked for me.
Perhaps admin privileges are needed to create the symbolic link when armory is installed in certain directories.

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