Error in browser after publishing to HTML5

When I publish an animation to HTML5, it displays fine, but does not respond to the mouse. On checking for errors, I found this:

Uncaught TypeError: v1.equals is not a function
    at (kha.js:1)
    at armory_logicnode_OnMouseNode.runOutput (kha.js:1)
    at armory_logicnode_OnMouseNode.update (kha.js:1)
    at iron_App.update (kha.js:1)
    at kha_TimeTask.task (kha.js:1)
    at Function.kha_Scheduler.executeTimeTasks (kha.js:1)
    at Function.kha_Scheduler.executeFrame (kha.js:1)
    at animate (kha.js:1)

This only happens if I publish to HTML5, not if I run in debug mode. What could be causing this?