Error in sarting:Traceback( most recent call last)

please kick me. i could not compiling file, because file path have russian symbols. now i can compiling on krom

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but main question stay open

Okay, please send me the blend file, you could upload it to Google Drive or similar and send a link

Hi, this needs log in or permissions. Could you please change it so anyone with the link can download it.

Just DM QuantumCoder with .blend file. You can do it right there, on this forum.

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i dont know how send DM, but this file i make a general

I checked the file. I think the main reason this does not work is because every asset/ image has a Russian symbols in their names. And armory does not deal well with some of those. For example, Armory encodes “занавески текстурка.png” to “__________ _______.png” while exporting. This causes issues and the game does not load.

For now, I suggest all the assets to be somehow renamed to ASCII symbols. I am not sure if it is easily possible using some other Blender addon, but give it a try.

im really sorry!I had some problems with internet, but i do your advice.Problems had stay:(
im update file on google disk: