Error Type not found : kha.arrays.Int16Array

Hello, sorry about my english. I have this problem, I am using Kode Studio for scripting and when I press F5 to compile, it show me this error

D:\Programas\Instaladores\Blender\ArmorySDK\iron\Sources/iron/data/SceneFormat.hx:6 characters 8-9 : Type not found : kha.arrays.Int16Array

But when I check the folder that file does it exist!!!

What can I do?

hi @JavierHR,

did you import it in your haxe script?

Yes but I am not using that class in my script. The error appears in SceneFormat.hx script that is internal of Armory

Hi, please make sure that you set the Kha path in the Kode Studio preferences to path/to/ArmorySDK/Kha. Kode Studio comes with its own version of Kha that is usually a bit out of date.

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Thanks man, now it works. It was that :+1::+1::+1: