Error while doing "Update SDK"

Trying to “Update SDK” always ends in :
error: no such remote ref b950cdaacb9f845d98980fb1398b1f3f70f9e55a

someone else getting stuck on this ?

Using Armory_06alpha0_win64_zip from itch.

Yes, I had that on Win64 Build as well. what I was not clear on was if that build has the ability to update the SDK as the default option was ‘Use Bundled’. I also tried to point it to the GIT version but failed, I think the error was on my part for sure but could use some pointers.

Hmm, I don’t know why that would be happening. Maybe could try downloading the latest alpha ( think there is an alpha1 by now, but I’m not sure ). If nothing else works you could try downloading the SDK through git: