Error with Code Editor impossible to open

Hi everyone, i am newbi. First of all thanks to Armory 3D developers I like the product. The engine is cross platform. The reason i choose it bc of UPBGE which was pretty good but the lack of android support stop me to continue also the community. Over here I think i will be different.

So Here I am and I just manage to install Armory 3D on my windows 10 OS.

Here are some details of my installation:

Armory 3D SDK Version : 24.02

For the path :

Armory 3D : C:\armsdk
Blender : C:\Blender Foundation\Blender 3.6

After the first setup, I have downloaded the playground zip files in order to test my installation. I was like Woaaah that is cool. I want to do more now.

Now comes the time to setup editor with VS code which is pretty simple. I want to start coding with haxe, so I went back to blender cliked on open code editor and Bang !!! I have an issue permissionError WinError 5 access denied.

What I try ti fixed it :

1* Give administrator access to blender
2* Give administrator access to Vs Code
3* Grant total control to Armory 3D folder

But at the end of this NOTHING !!!

I can anyone know how to solve it pls ?

Thanks a lot