Example Webfrontend for Pymol exports, Molecular Viewer (2nd example added)

Use Mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Exported from Open Source Pymol version to Blender. Adjusted material and joined into a single object (speed reasons). Blend file (50 MB) only on demand. But it is easy as pie to make your own. Questions welcome.

Browser Live demo
First example Aspirin.

Mouse movement file is here by QuantumCoderQC

These are most basic examples. Of course you could add really a lot more functionality and interactivity with Armory3D. Maybe someone might pick up the idea and create something a bit more fancy. Here is a version using Atomic Blender plugin instead of Pymol with some fancy materials. Takes a while to load!

Wrong season

Molecule ID 3BSE excluded Oxygen and Calcium for better structure visibility.