Explanations for all the script functions and codes?

I would like a documentation on the Armory3D scripting language that shows explanations and short example codes on all the functions of the scripting language, Haxe I think it is called.
The available documentation that comes with the engine does not have any explanations or examples for the functions.

You can learn Haxe first , there must be tutorials if you do a google search. For Armory 3D you learn from the small examples, they are not very complicated.
Try to make something and ask questions when you don’t understand.

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FYI, the Haxe language is thoroughly covered at https://haxe.org.

(Fair warning: it’s big. Haxe is not-at-all limited to “computer graphics,” nor to Armory. It is a full-on programming language, not just a “scripting language.” In fact, it’s not a “scripting” language at all!)

It’s also useful to note that your “visual logic nodes” become Haxe code which you can then examine in the editor. So you don’t pay a performance penalty for using them, and they offer you a very easy way to crank out ready-made examples of source code that “does interesting stuff.” If you’re interested in writing source-code yourself, this is an appropriate place to begin to learn “how Armory thinks.”

Source-code to the entire thing including the various sub-layers of software (Iron, etc.) can be found at: https://github.com/armory3d

You can get a glimpse of the size and diversity of Haxe’s “package library” (haxelib) at https://lib.haxe.org. (Yes, Armory, Iron, Kha, and so-on are simply, “packages.” One among many hundreds.)