Export to Linux with Krom

I’m trying to export my game to Linux but Krom is unreliable. Almost every time I run it it crashes. Only once in a while it won’t crash instantly. I also cannot hear any of my sounds. C++ works but the collision doesn’t work so my character just falls through the world. So do the coins. HashLink won’t even compile for some reason. Can someone give me any tips?

I confirm it’s not reliable.
A twin stick game demo started crashing last time i launch it, i removed all objects that had logic nodes or scripts, the demo always crashes.There is no way to know what is the problem, there is nothing on the console (moving the demo to Unreal 4 :sweat_smile:)

What version of Armory are you using? I use Krom exclusively and I am on Linux. If you are using the git version of Armory ( I am ), see my issue on GitHub ( yes it is a pain to have to build Krom from source and patch Kha ), but if you are using an Armory release, I don’t know what the problem is. Krom itself works completely fine for me on Linux, other than a couple issues for sound and Zui Textboxes.

There is always a way. :stuck_out_tongue: Although you would have to compile yourself and run through a debugger, which I see can be a pain.

ArmorPaint is a Krom app and runs fine on Linux so far. I guess the issue could be sound threading then. Robert plans a new audio for Krom but I am not sure how far along it is.

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