Export->Windows *.exe file ? Why so Complicated?

Windows (HashLink), Windows App & Windows (C++)

Don’t know what is the difference, don’t really care; choose any of the three hoping that
one of them will produce a damn *.exe, none did.

Why ?
What is the point then ? This is unnecessarily complicated.

When you build with Windows (HashLink) it will create a Visual Studio project in your build_projectname directory. I think that the project will be in a windows-build subdirectory, but I don’t know because I haven’t built on windows before. You have to open up the Visual Studio project in Visual Studio and compile it to get an exe.

Three publish options for windows. None actually produce an exe and the one out of three that you have described requires a vs built…the level of unnecessary complexity is daunting.
Thanks anyway.

Well the steps depend if you select Krom or Hashlink C and they are described here: https://armory3d.org/manual/#/deploy/windows

In what OS did you try to build to Windows and what version of Armory?

Because I failed to build an exe too in Linux with target Windows (Krom) while testing in the latest commit version, so I opened an issue for that: https://github.com/armory3d/armory/issues/1305

You can open Armory in a terminal/command prompt and that will tell you useful info about what happens when you try to build, maybe you can test to see if it’s the same issue as I reported.

If you export to “Windows (Krom)” and click “Publish” it should produce a completely run-able game with an executable file alongside a data directory with all of the game assets in it. That should work even if you are on Linux or Mac with no additional setup.

Krom can potentially be slower than the C build, but it still has shown great performance before. Most noticeably the Physics are slower with Krom, in my experience.